Incentivize Team Wellness

Jolt is an incentivized wellness app that increases employee wellness and your business’ bottom-line by sustaining a healthy work culture, building a shared sense of community, boosting productivity, and decreasing absenteeism.

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Health Tracking

Track steps, exercise calories, sleep, and water consumption automatically with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin apps. Each metric contributes to the user’s total points for that day. Specific health data is never uploaded to protect your privacy.

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Daily Challenge

Daily and Team Challenges give members exposure to healthy suggestions spanning; food, activity, mindfulness, and financial well-being. Helpful tips are featured as a way of embedding the habit into your daily routine.

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Milestones are progressively unlocked as you earn more points, to incentivize lasting habits. Teams can create custom rewards (company credit, leave early/start late, choice of shifts, etc) or choose hassle-free gift cards.

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The leaderboard strengthens the team’s sense of community by encouraging goodhearted competition. You can also see how your own points progress compares with the team's average.

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For the Body, Mind, and Your Bottom-Line.

Exercise reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, and diseases.
Lower the risk of injury.
Create a sense of community around well-being.
Reduce absenteeism.
Healthier people are more focused and productive.
Motivated employees are more efficient.
Increase company desirability.
Prevent burnout.


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How much coffee is too much?

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Make Meditaion Part of Your Daily Routine

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